The Exam

The Ebusiness exam is worth 60% of the marks for the course. The exam takes place usually in the October exam sessions, though some students may be taking it in December. If you take it in December, there will be an additional revision lecture in November for you.

The exam is a two-hour paper and will cover the following topics:

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  • Technological issues and requirements for e-business
  • Social factors involved in e-business
  • Ethical, legal, regulatory and political issues impacting on e-business
  • E-business strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • The future of e-business


The exam will be seeking that you can:

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  • Effectively communicate ideas about the role of e-business within companies
  • Communicate the possibilities for digital marketing in the furtherance of e-business
  • Establish an appropriate strategy for any new or existing e-business including identifying key e-business technologies and developing basic digital business and marketing plans
  • Forecast the (possible) future issues facing companies conducting e-business


The exam is made up of two parts:

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  1. Part A consists of two questions of which you must answer one. This question is designed to cover a wide range of ebusiness issues, seeking to find out if you have been able to integrate the various topics you have studied. Part A is worth 60 marks out of 100 and is therefore the most important part of the paper.
  2. Part B consists of four questions, worth 20 marks each, and you must answer two of them. The questions in Part B are on specific topics and are designed to determine how much you understand about specific aspects of ebusiness.


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