Lecture 6 – Ethical, Legal, Regulatory and Political Issues in Ebusiness

In this lecture we will focus on the external factors that affect ebusinesses and consider what can be done about them. From unethical to illegal practices, through to government interventions, this lecture considers the ethical, legal, regulatory and political issues of ebusiness.

Concepts covered in this lecture

  • The power of politics on ebusiness
  • Increasing complexity of intellectual property rights
  • The changing ethics of business as a result of the Internet
  • The reduction in privacy

Step 1: Review Slides

Get the slides from Moodle and review them together with your lecture notes.

Step 2: Reading

Read p534-587 of E-commerce by Laudon and Traver

Alternatively, read p138-175 of E-business by Jonathan Reynolds

Step 3: Reading

Read p131-140 of Click.ology by Graham Jones

Step 4: Video

Watch this video from TED Talks

Step 5: Video

Watch this short video about online security statistics (it may take a few minutes to load)

Step 6: Research

Conduct your own research on the ethical, legal, regulatory and political issues for ebusiness.


Further Reading