Lecture 5 – Social Factors in Ebusiness

In this lecture, you will discover how important social factors are online and how important the online world of social networking has become for e-business. At the same time., you will discover that this has limitation for e-business. This lecture will also consider the implications for society as a whole as a result of online social activity.

Concepts covered in this lecture

  • How people consume online information
  • The importance of social networking
  • The role social activity plays in business
  • How behaviour is changing as a result of the Internet

Step 1: Review Slides

Get the slides from Moodle and review them together with your lecture notes.

Step 2: Reading

Read p154-159 and p 464-467 of E-commerce by Laudon and Traver

Alternatively, read p93-133 of E-business by Jonathan Reynolds

Step 3: Reading

Read p113-124 of Click.ology by Graham Jones

Step 4: Reading

Read this web page: http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/02/11/couples-the-internet-and-social-media/

Step 5: Research

Conduct your own research on the social impact of the Internet


Further Reading