Lecture 2 – The Nature and Scope of Ebusiness

In this lecture you will discover what ebusiness can and cannot achieve, where its strengths and weaknesses lie and what opportunities and threats it provides.

This lecture will also introduce the concept of the Long Tail, a fundamental theory for ebusiness.

Concepts covered in the lecture

  • SWOT analysis of ebusiness
  • The context of ebusiness
  • The Long Tail theory

Step 1: Review the lecture slides

Get the slides from Moodle and review them together with your lecture notes.

Step 2: Video

Watch this video

Step 3: Presentation

Go through these slides

Step 4: Reading

Read the following web page: http://www.smallbusinesspro.co.uk/start-business/startup-costs.html

Step 5: Reading

Read p17-19 of Click.ology by Graham Jones

Step 6: Reading

Read p107-109 Click.ology by Graham Jones

Step 7: Video

Watch this video about TopShop

Step 8: Reading

Read p32-38 of Click.ology by Graham Jones

Step 9: Audio

Listen to the following podcast programme.

Step 10: Reading

Read this Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_tail

Step 11: Reading

Read p425-426 of E-commerce by Laudon and Traver

Alternatively, read p46-49 of E-Business by Jonathan Reynolds

Step 12: Research

Conduct your own research to discover what possibilities ebusiness provides and why businesses are not always taking up that potential.


Further Reading

All Business is Local, by John Quelch

The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson