Studying Ebusiness

Ebusiness is a nine-week course worth 15 units. The course looks at ebusiness from a strategic perspective and covers the following areas:

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  • The history of online business
  • The nature and scope of ebusiness
  • The Economic Importance of Ebusiness
  • Technological Requirements for Ebusiness
  • Social Factors in Ebusiness
  • Ethical, Legal, Regulatory and Political Issues in Ebusiness
  • Ebusiness Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • The Future of Ebusiness


The course has a two-hour lecture each week as well as a one-hour tutorial, providing three hours of contact time each week (apart from the first week when there is no tutorial). The amount of research, reading, assignment and exam preparation, as well as work in advance of tutorials is likely to take between 13 and 14 hours of independent study each week.

I look forward to working with you on this exciting course which is at the leading edge of modern business.

Graham Jones
Visiting Lecturer